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June 25, 2012
Home from Homes, Prep Day
July 15, 2012

Sunshade is a social ministry of Jubilee Community Church, Cape Town, South Africa. It aims to serve the needs of women and pre-school children in a local poor community. After several years of getting to know the ladies, one of the needs that was identified was the need to educate the community about not only the importance of education for their children but also to teach the mothers how to play with and teach their pre-school children at home. Through the amazing generosity of Claremont Rotary Club Sunshade has been able to equip its own classroom for its pre-school programme with great educational toys and games.

The Rotary club also donated funds for Sunshade to provide educases for Moms, Grandmoms and caregivers. This was an idea inspired by a visit to Dr Paul Roux (also a Rotarian) at Groote Schuur hospital. The educase is a case filled with crayons, books, play dough, activities to develop fine motor skills and much more. A workshop was held to show the ladies how to use the contents of the case and how, by playing fun games, they are actually teaching their children vital educational skills. Nearly 30 cases were then given out for the ladies to take home to play with their children!

The workshop and educases were received with great excitement. Sunshade would like to give a very big thank you to Claremont Rotary Club for its very kind and generous donation through which many pre-school children will benefit educationally.








Lester Cameron
Lester Cameron
Invited to joint Rotary Club Claremeont as a honorary member in 2007 and 2008. Officially joined the club in December 2009 under the Prsidential year of Past President Debbie Nash. My sponsor and menor, Peter Trebble, who I respect and acknowledge, has since my joining this wonderful band of rotarians gave me guidance and much rotarian insight and knowledge. I was nominated and appointed by the RCC Board and members as director of the Vocational committee during Past President Peter Trebble's year 2010-2011. I was nominated and appointed by the RCC board and members as President elect for 2011-2012 under the Presidual year of Suzanne Himeley. The RCC is a hard working group of Rotarians who serve unselflessly giving of their time and erfort. I would invite you who have their community on their hearts to join us as a observer and then if you sense the need to join, follow the joining procedures as will be explained by a RCC member.

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