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June 21, 2016
Rotary Club of Stanford – Soup Kitchen Project
June 22, 2016

The Rotary Club of Claremont has assisted Rotary Franschhoek Valley with funding which has allowed them to celebrate the success of the completion of a new ECD Centre in the Groendal Township, just outside Franschhoek. The building was formally declared “open” recently. The new “Rotary Sinathemba – Pre-Primary Centre” , will transform the educational opportunities of children living in the Franschhoek Valley. The centre is constructed of strong and durable Nutec fibre – cement wich is a fire resistant material which is more weather and water resistant. The centre is fitted with three toilets and a kitchen and can accommodate up to 30 children. New furniture is currently arriving and the staff and children are thoroughly delighted with their new premises.

Past President David Courts expressed the Rotary Club of Franschhoek Valley’s gratitude to Rotary Claremont for their support in this project and invites Rotary Claremont Rotarians to view this wonderful project which his club is justly proud of.

Peter Trebble

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Peter Trebble
Peter Trebble
"Past President Peter Trebble joined Rotary Claremont in late 2007. Peter has served as Club Secretary, President Elect and as Club President 2011/12. Peter has also served on the District 9350 Public Relations Committee for 5 years. Peter’s theme for Rotary Claremont for 2011/12 was ‘Fun with a Purpose’ emphasizing that if Rotarians have fun it enables them to give more of themselves in “service above self”. Peter’s particular Rotary vision is to encourage Rotary membership to grow world-wide. The dream and task is for enthusiastic young Rotarians to join our organisation and to be mentored by much respected senior Rotarians. Currently, Peter’s drive for Rotary Claremont is to procure Corporate Partnership Funding and he has successfully facilitated the major partnership that has been struck between the Lewis Group and Rotary Claremont for additional funding to strengthen the Club’s flagship “Injongo” Project. The pilot of this major Educare Project was implemented as part of the current Rotary Claremont 3/5 Year Strategic Plan which was launched during Peter’s year as Club President 2011/12. Peter’s other focus is to facilitate Rotary Claremont’s Outreach Program for smaller District 9350 clubs. During 2013/14 ten clubs were involved in meaningful projects, after having received funding directly from Rotary Claremont. Peter’s personal Community Service Projects have centred around assistance to Safe Havens and Children’s Homes for abused and abandoned infants and little ones."

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