December 1, 2014
Dragon Boat Fun!
December 1, 2014

Two new members of Claremont Rotary Club, Ruvi Moyo, an architect recently re-settled in the Cape from Zimbabwe, and Jo Hobson, an industrial psychologist, introduced fellow Rotarians on Tuesday 25 November to the mysteries of their work.

Ruvi showed images of exciting projects she had been involved in, both here and in Harare. Her special interests include making the most of natural light in her designs and how creativity and inovation can change Africa.

Jo had to explain the concept of industrial psychology, a field totally unfamiliar to most Rotarians present. A lively question time followed – which had nothing to do with the fact that she has been a consultant to SA Breweries.

RUVI MOYO, architect from Zimbabwe, now based in Cape Town. She has a Masters degree from UCT.

JO HOBSON, industrial psychologist, faciliator and executive coach, focused on performance leadership and team development.

Jo has a B.Sc and Masters from Rhodes and a B.Sc from Wits.



George Muller
George Muller
George first  joined Rotary in 1972 in Durban. In 1995 he retired after 42 years of fulltime journalism in southern Africa and UK, most of it spent on the Daily News, Durban, where he was assistant to the editor and daily columnist. He was also a freelance cartoonist, best known for his syndicated pocket cartoon, By George,  which ran for 27 years. He is married to Moonyeen, a pre-primary teacher, and has two daughters and five grandchildren in Cape Town and Durban, where he and Moonyeen  spend up to six months, respectively. He joined Claremont club in 2005.

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