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July 25, 2012
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July 30, 2012

Yesterday over 40 volunteers were mobilised to the Home from Home Creche in Khayalitsha. The task was huge. Paint the whole of the creche, and a 30 meter long mural. And I’m extremely proud to announce it was a huge success.

We managed to complete all work on the creche, and 98% of the mural. The pictures below will speak for themselves.

A massive thanks needs to go to those involved. How everyone stepped up to the plate and did their bit really left the organisation crew beaming. For me one of the major aspects of charity work is the tangibility of the project.

The mural was designed by Frank Joubert Art School. They came to site the day before and outlined it all in black crayon, leaving spots of paint to indicate what color must be used.

Danny was an integral part in the organisation of this project. Apart from general logistics she and Jo also organised all the food. I bought the beers (I always pick the fun work!)

Roy was the site manager and ran his team beautifully. During the thank you speeches it was clear how much the volunteers had taken to Roy. He sang them songs the whole day, and made the work really fun. A special thanks also needs to be said to Ian who helped roy in mobilizing, and was also an integral part in the planning process.

Pippa Shaper of Home from Home also needs to be thanked. It was very easy to coordinate with her due to her professional manner.

This is the first of 8 volunteer days the New Generations Committee will be doing over the coming year. The next one will be in 6 weeks time. We don’t know where and what we are doing yet, so if you have project ideas feel free to suggest them in the comment section and I will follow up with you via email!

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James Robertson
James Robertson
James is our youngest rotarian in the club. He is the Director of the New Generations Committee. He is also District 9350's Short Term Exchange Program Coordinator. In his spare time (haha) James is a Mechanical Engineer at Silas Valley Innovations. His other hobbies are gardening, pottery, playing guitar, and the occasional beer at forries.


  1. Chris du Plessis says:

    Congrads to Danniel, James, Roy & Ian for organising a successful ‘hands-on’ project and day. We need more of this type of thing to get the Rotary family out and doing things as opposed to just talking about it.
    I was very impressed at the number of young, beautiful people that James managed to muster for the occassion…where the hell did you find them James?
    Well done.

  2. Jo Maxwell says:

    I guess I missed out on the fun, but guys you did a magnificent job and the creche now looks like a happy place to be. I needed two days of rest after the marathon food prep and just hope everyone remembered that Sharing is Caring as we only catered for 40 people and went way over Jame’s budget!!!!!!! Thanks to Danny and my friend Steph we finished packing food at 7pm.

  3. Theresa du Toit says:

    What a wonderful result and judging by the pics it was TREMENDOUS fun, thanks James , Danny , Jo , Roy and others – you did some wonderful work there .

  4. Liz Rose says:

    Well done on a great project. Enjoyed the day