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March 12, 2014
Doing Great Things Togeather
March 19, 2014
Each year we get togeather and have a fun day togeather. The pictures speak for themselfs.

Putting on a good face

No exactly what Herschel's art classes intended

Love actually: Abigail Russell wears her heart on her face

Ring a peg – it's easy when you're tall

Nice action, but let the kids have a go.

Learning a new game: Leliebloem girls

Interactors show how it's done

Back room girls: Moonyeen Muller and hard-working volunteer

How many for lunch?!!

Point duty: Theresa du Toit

Pretty in pink

Lots to smile about

Butterflies and burgers

Even Spiderman has to eat

Lunch can wait: Bishops boy gets his priorities right

He's not alone

PA and odd-job man John Jacobs always busy

Inner Wheelers assembly line

A good ball was had by all

Don't look behind you!

Cool hand Luke

End of her tether: Gill Bohlmann takes the strain

Good for a laugh

Fashion parade: Girls from Leliebloem House, Athlone

Staff and children from Leliebloem House

Herschel and Bishops Interactors

SACS Interactors: A brave remnant, the rest were swotting for a maths exam

Sans Souci was there in force

So was Herschel

And Bishops, of course

Doughnuts demo

By George, they've got it!

Oy! ! No hands! !

Having a bucket of fun at the coconut shies

Nice action, but try again

Juice break: SACS master Paul Naude, right

Still smiling: Herschel helpers

Coy Sans Soucis: take it as red

All aboard! Destyn Dauncie of SACS braces for duty

They ain't heavy . . . . . .

Thirsty work

Claremont Rotaractors and friends

Drinks table: L–R, Ulfah Davids Sans Souci), Nomonde Motaung (Sans Souci), Cameron Barnard (SACS)

Herschel painter gets some of her own treatment

Sans souci 1st XV front row

Bishops sports day was never like this!

Tucking in

Destyn Dauncie of SACS and friend

Bishops Mean Machine







George Muller
George Muller
George first  joined Rotary in 1972 in Durban. In 1995 he retired after 42 years of fulltime journalism in southern Africa and UK, most of it spent on the Daily News, Durban, where he was assistant to the editor and daily columnist. He was also a freelance cartoonist, best known for his syndicated pocket cartoon, By George,  which ran for 27 years. He is married to Moonyeen, a pre-primary teacher, and has two daughters and five grandchildren in Cape Town and Durban, where he and Moonyeen  spend up to six months, respectively. He joined Claremont club in 2005.

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