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  1. Cara says:

    Hi. Is uncle willy’s Christmas party cancelled tonight? 🙁

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where do I book for Uncle Willy’s party? I need three tickets Kindest Diana 0718055814

  3. Barbara Edelberg says:

    Hi I want to book for Uncle Willy’s Christmas party but don’t seem to know what to do. Pls can you let me know how to book tickets

  4. Clarice says:

    Dear Sirs,

    My name is Clarice and I am working as an intern at Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital. 

    Sarah Fox Children’s Hospital is a recovery centre for children aged 0 to 6, which relies on state support for food and medication but mainly on the support of the community for all other projects and needs.

    Being an NPO, we are always engaging in new projects in order to raise money. 

    At the moment, we are working on a project for Mandela day. Our goal is to raise R67.000 following the “67 theme” for Mandela day.

    To achieve our goal, we are reaching out to as many people and institutions as we can, including the Athlone News Newspaper, which is publishing an article about us today (12/07) and the radio station The Voice of The Cape is giving us airtime tomorrow to raise awareness about the Hospital and our Mandela Day project.

    With your help in the past we were able to carry out very successful projects and we would appreciate your support also this time in helping us get closer to our goal!

    The funds would go towards the hospital’s most urgent needs which are new medical equipment and kitchen equipment.
    But we are working on many other projects that I would love to talk to you about. Therefore, if you are interested I would love to give you further details or if you prefer we could set up a meeting here at the hospital so you can see directly what the situation is.

    Thank you very much for your time and prompt reply

    Kind regards


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