Curves for those in need
June 1, 2012
A Wow of an Induction Dinner
June 13, 2012

For those who kindly dropped their loose coins into the bottles we have the following

R400 from Clair Fichardt’s mini dinner – he donated our contributions to the C f C

R400 from Jo –  proceeds from sale of a donated item from daughter

R 20 from Carine who paid extra for ePap she collected which comes from my private stock

R 308,10 in coins

Total to date R1 128,10

Jo Maxwell
Jo Maxwell
Born and schooled in Cape Town.   In 1959 age 21 disappeared to the distant north and spent 4 years in London.  Married Stuart in Johannesburg in 1968 and produced two children, Caryn and Warwick. Moved to Pretoria in 1977.  Stuart died in 1985 and darling son died in 2000.  Now a grandmother (called JoJo) to two boys aged 2 and 5. ,  Started and successfully ran 3 businesses in Pretoria with absolutely no training.  Domain, an interior decorating shop.  Du und Du, a coffee shop/restaurant.  The Inner Eatery, another coffee/lunch shop.  Moved back to Cape Town in 1989.  In 1995 opened  Bishopsfield,  a four star guest house in Rondebosch.  Retired from incoming earning efforts in 2003 and began working in the disadvantaged communities.   In 2004 started the first Chapter in South Africa of the Red Hat Society of America.  Called ourselves the Cape Town Red Hat Renegades and changed their motto of Fun and Friendship after 50, to Fun and Friendship with a Purpose. Our first Purpose was to fund raise and feed 600 children in 10 crèche’s in the Browns Farm informal settlement a daily breakfast of ePap..  Now 900 children and 14 crèches.  Volunteer driver for Project Daphne for 20 years.   Invented the very successful Good Night and God Bless waterproof sleeping bag in 2005, sponsored by Claremont Rotary and still being made by hundreds of people and which has now been taken up in Wales, Scotland and England after a demonstration to the Royal College of Medical Practitioners in Swansea in 2011.   Won the Cape Times/Vodacom/Waterfront Woman of Worth in 2005 – rather a shock.  Introduced into Claremont Rotary by Chris du Plessis and inducted as a member in 2005.  In 2008 I became a Paul Harris Fellow. Involved in many projects – some Rotary, some personal and some under the CTRHR Chapter.  Did a World Cruise from Southampton through Panama Canal  in 1995.  East Coast through Suez to UK 1997.  Baltic’s in 1999.  West Coast to the UK 2010.  Compulsive letter writer to the press with more than 1500 letters published since 2000. Hobbies – still play a little bridge mainly for charities.  and a little beading,   I like to tell people that I do community work because it keeps me off the streets and out of mischief.  I have been called many things, impulsive, impatient, independent, incorrigible  but prefer being called a maverick.  


  1. Jo Maxwell says:

    James that is so clever of your father to upload my photo. I am proud of you or him. Now please do it with the Bread for the Body and Soup for the Soul and I will buy you both a small drink on Tuesday.

  2. James Robertson says:

    Jo you are threatening to knock me off the top spot as the most prolific poster! You should try upload an image when posting, it adds a lot of value doing this.

    Above the place where you write your post, you will see some text saying ‘upload/insert’. Click this.
    You will then see a screen with a few options. Click ‘upload from computer’, and locate the picture on your computer.
    It will begin uploading, and after a short time you will see a lot of options to do with the photo. Forget them for now and scroll to the bottam clicking use this image.
    It all sounds a bit complicated at first but once you’ll get the hang of it 🙂

    A suggestion would be to upload a picture of the bottles we use for collecting the coins etc.